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About Us

DalalStreetBulls was founded with the aim to help investors take informed decisions with regards to their investments. There is a need for independent research firms in a market which is dominated by commission earning brokers and mutual fund sellers.

Our Founder

Our founder Raghav Behani is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has always had a passion for the stock market since his early teens and has developed his skills in technical and fundamental analysis through various programs and on-the-floor experience over the past 7 years. He is also a regular writer for various American and Indian magazines on topics relating to trading, investing and finance.

Raghav Behani was the winner of the financial markets reality show "Hunt for India's Smart Investor" on Zee Business in association with L&T Mutual Fund. His in-depth knowledge about financial markets, financial planning, mutual funds and business news helped him crack the tough competition to claim the title.

Vision & Mission

To consistently generate high returns for our client’s portfolios and help them meet their financial goals. We will execute our vision by providing our clients with quality investment ideas backed by solid research. A strive to attain a perfect blend of capital protection and capital appreciation.