Alphamultiple ETF Portfolio

All Weather Portfolio for India

The Alphamultiple ETF Portfolio runs on the concept of the All Weather Portfolio. This portfolio invests in multiple asset classes to reduce volatility and deliver decent, stable returns over the long term. We have created the All Weather Portfolio for India using the available ETFs.

A Passive Investment Strategy

We truly want to change the way people treat their investments. Look at your equity portfolio just how you look at your FDs and PPF. But the problem is that you need to actively track your equity investments while your FD and PPF hardly require any regular monitoring. So, to strike a balance, a part of your equity investments should be in portfolios that require little research from your end.

Now, how can you harness the power of equities while doing little research? Index funds & Exchange Traded Funds. Index funds invest your money in Indices like Nifty 50, Sensex, Nasdaq, etc. If these index funds (or any other fund) can be bought and sold on the stock exchange, then they are called Exchange Traded Funds.

Where do we invest?

Our portfolio consists of the following ETF’s.

All Weather Portfolio for India

List of ETFs


As you can see, the allocation range varies from one asset class to the other. Now, we review the allocation every quarter and depending on multiple factors like valuations, technical trends and volatility, we re-balance the portfolio (if needed). The churn rate stays low, leading to lower transaction costs and requires little monitoring. However, the allocation also focuses on returns. Our aim is to deliver stable returns that beat inflation and helps investors achieve their financial goals.


You can request us access to the portfolio. Investing in this portfolio is free of cost from our end. However, your broker will charge you the brokerage and taxes as applicable. So, we suggest you to go with a broker who has low transaction costs. You do not have to open a demat account with us.

The minimum corpus needed to invest in this portfolio is ~ Rs 20,000. There is no lock-in period. However, we recommend investors to have a 2+ years time horizon for this investment.

How it Works

Once you have access to the portfolio, you can execute the transaction in just one click. The investment will be made as per our suggested allocation. Every quarter, our team will review the portfolio and if needed, we will rebalance the allocation. You will be sent proper alerts and the rebalance will be executed in just one click! You do not have to make any calculations at your end.

Risk and Return

The Alphamultiple ETF Portfolio is an All Weather Portfolio for India and the expected returns are 10% p.a. The expected drawdown on the portfolio is low as the investment is diversified into liquid funds, gold and both domestic and international equities.


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