About Us

Alphamultiple Advisors is an equity research and consultancy firm founded by Raghav Behani (SEBI Registered Research Analyst).


  • To be the most trusted and respected advisory firm
  • To deliver high returns for our investors consistently
  • To help investors create wealth from their investments


  • Create a portfolio of high quality companies that can deliver superior shareholder returns
  • Be part of India’s transition from a $1,600 GDP per capita to a $8,000 GDP per capita economy
  • Invest in a blend of growth and value stocks & double the portfolio every 4 years

Our Logo:

alpha – It stands for the returns in excess of market’s return. We are here to generate alpha for the investors.

multiple – We have a multi-strategy approach towards the portfolio with both medium and long term investment strategies being deployed. We do not want to be a firm which is heavily dependent on a single strategy or fund manager. We believe that the future of investing lies in the elimination of human bias and the deployment of rule-based and disciplined strategies.

the greater-than sign > – The red greater than sign indicates returns in excess of the market and the placement of the sign signifies the exponential power of equities. 2 + 2 + 2 is 6 but 2^3 is 8. We are looking out for investment opportunities that can compound wealth in the long run. It also shows our intent to keep moving forward.


Raghav Behani is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. He is a Chartered Accountant, having secured a Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit issued by ICAI in the CA Final Exams. He is an avid reader of industry reports, annual reports and is a strong advocate of interacting with dealers, distributors and end-users of the products of a company which an investor is analyzing. He is also a regular writer for various American and Indian magazines on topics relating to finance. Some of his notable contributions have appeared in Finance Today and the American magazine "Futures".

Raghav Behani was the winner of the financial markets reality show "Hunt for India's Smart Investor" on Zee Business in association with L&T Mutual Fund. His in-depth and practical knowledge about equity trading, financial markets, financial planning, mutual funds and business news helped him crack the tough competition to claim the title.

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